Pleasure to meet you all! (if any, idk idk) Welcome to my freshly squeezed ice-cold corner of the internet. Here you'll find outlets of my interests, the occasional post of doodles/thingz I do, and general ramblings of yours truly.

Not sure what kind of update schedule will be on here, or if I'll have a schedule to begin with. This website is VEEERRRY in the early stages of construction- I'd like to be consistent on activity here, but due to personal events/reasons I can't guarantee anything.


Current projects of Mine:

  • Liminalis (WIP - 50%)
    Started off as "what if me and my friends mashed up our ideas into one big thing?" and now I have to turn about five seasons worth of content into a tangible story. End goal is animated series with voice acting, though will probably make smaller, more achievable goals in the meantime.
  • Chippie Snippets: Liminalis Short Stories (WIP - 10%)
    The sequel/spinoff I have planned for once Liminalis is finished. Will be smaller chunks of individual stories based off the concepts of Liminalis, that eventually wrap up together into a larger plot. Would like it animated, but will most likely be webcomic.
  • Gossamer (WIP - 10%)
    Smaller creative project. Combining fae court folklore with biblically accurate angels, with the aesthetics of Jet Set Radio and a murder mystery. Interactive Visual Novel, a mix of 1st/2nd/3rd POVs of the player and main character. Y'all existential fellas might like this one.
  • Team Red (WIP - 50%)
    Daredevil, Deadpool, and Spider-Man teamup mini-series. Concept and basic story outline is finished- gotta work on the scenes themselves. Will be a webcomic/graphic novel type story.